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EXPORTABILITY provides a full training suite of instructor led and virtual training solutions suited to the Logistics, Supply Chain and Exporting Sectors in Ireland.

Training ranges from onboarding and induction for new personnel through to Leadership and Management programmes.

Practical training programmes are suited to in-experienced and experienced sector personnel.

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About Us

Never before has our industry been so much in the spotlight.  Brexit, Essential Services, COVID-19! More than ever, people are realising the importance of this essential sector.  

Exportability was born to meet the current training needs of Export and Logistics sector in Ireland which is experiencing a skills shortage.

We take encouragement from the huge uptake by organisations in the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship Programme at TU Dublin and Cork Institute of Technology, along with numerous other long programmes provided by industry associations, there is clearly an appetite for building skills, knowledge and performance in this industry.

At Exportability, our aim is to provide relevant, competitive, performance training for individuals and organisations in this essential sector, that will enhance individual, team, organisational and country performance.


Overall it was a great exercise that has given us immediate benefit
Paul Mason BG Freightline November 2018

For any companies who may require to have their staff trained in handling and dealing with Hazardous Chemicals, I have no hesitation in recommending MOR Consultants for in-house DG Training

Joe O'Neill, NQA

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